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Google on Wednesday revealed several new updates for its most popular hardware and services as part of its annual I/O conference. While the developer-centric event has historically focused on Google products like Android and Chrome, this year’s announcements revolved mainly around the search giant’s advancements in artificial intelligence.

Following are the updates revealed at event.

Google Home

Its launching by the end of this year, works like it sound a virtual assistant for house. It’s a voice activated gadget designed to be place in home which allows Google to access your phone when it’s not nearby. The device is also capable of nearest smart devices like smart lights and others. It will also sooner or later integrate with third-party apps as well.

Google Assistant

‘Google Now’ upgraded to Google Assistant. This advancement will let Google to understand natural language easily than previous versions. Assistant also offers suggestions based on your request, like asking if you want to buy movie tickets after checking what’s playing, and will be included in Google Home and messaging app Allo.


Allo is basically text messaging fused with a virtual assistant. The app, which launches this summer for Android and iOS, makes intelligent inspection about your conversations and bring in appropriate information like if a friend invites you out to dinner for Italian food, Allo will recommend a nearby restaurant.


Headsets that don’t need to be connected to a computer or smart phone to work. To that end, the search giant announced that standalone VR headsets will be available starting later this year.HTC maker of the Steam-compatible Vive headset and PC maker Lenovo are among the first partners working on these headsets. The search giant collaborated with chipmaker Qualcomm to come up with a reference design.

Android N

However Google already revealed the new android version, there was one thing missing that it’s name. First time Google invited public to submit titles begin with letter ‘N’. Company usually named it after previously names like Marshmallow or Lollipop.

Android Wear Updates

It’s a step forward in making smartwatches standalone devices rather than just phone accessories. During a demo, Google’s David Singleton sent messages and launched apps while his phone was turned off. Watches will still have to connect to Wi-Fi or a cellular network. More functions were added to various apps.

Sources: Yahoo


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