China’s Unique Innovation to Reduce Traffic Congestion

Traffic problem in China is not as old as it seems. In fact the country has not always had a problem with huge fleet of vehicles on its roads, but…

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Will There Become A Paper Release?

Will There Become A Paper Release? Using sentiment to make effective, psychological and mental characters and push a plan is critical for virtually any copy writer in any variety of…

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The potency of Couples Roundtable: Extraordinary Outtakes

The potency of Couples Roundtable: Extraordinary Outtakes The writer of this academic essay goals to convince readers associated with the approach depending on research. The starting of the essay is…

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Martial Law in the Cyber Space?

The world we dabble within is not only a fast-paced one, but is also constantly evolving due the advent of information and communication technologies. Such advances within this field have…

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The law wakes up?

In a rare display of judicial strength and a somewhat cautious commentary on the controversial Blasphemy Law of Pakistan, the Supreme Court upholds the death penalty for Mumtaz Qadri, Salman…

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How materialism intervenes in our lives

I was sick of hearing the same thing over and over again. How I was unfit for the society, perhaps more specifically for this world. I truly wished to muffle…

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The day when he fought and accomplished his goal

It was a blue morning of another day, the shine of the stars were going to fade as dawn reached, and birds were chirping and praising God. In the meantime,…

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Pak-India relationship depends on the military of both states

The recent speech of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) focused on many issues that Pakistan and the Muslim world face. Specifically, it included a clear…

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You’re Alive. You’re Free

“No country is perfect. It’s the people who make it better. Next time you want to say something bad about the country, remember, it’s you who made it that way.”…

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