10 things you must do before you turn 40

Time runs fast and along with time, we all have mastered the art of matching the fast pace. It’s high time we do all that we wish to do, because it’s just one small life that we have.

Here are the things you must do at the first chance you get. We promise, at the age of 40, these things will keep you from feeling guilty of not doing what you should have done.


Eat all that tempts you, once diabetes, BP, and cholesterol creeps in life will be tasteless.




Take that trip you’re planning to since forever; because there’s an end to every forever.



Bunk lectures; memories with friends will last a lifetime, lectures and notes won’t.



Go to the sky diving now. A fat belly later might just come in your way of diving.



Road trip sounds awesome, right? Well, it feels epic! Also you never know when the petrol price might just shoot up.



Bungee jumping, feel the adrenaline rush through your body. Don’t just look young; feel young while you can.



Dive deep in the ocean and embrace nature’s beauty.



Live the life of a bird. Go paragliding.



Get your dream job; the last thing you want to do is get stuck in a rut, run the rat race and regret.



Get out of your comfort zone and work hard towards what you want. This is the time your body and health will support you.



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