5 Scary facts Facebook knows about you

We all know that Facebook (FB) is the biggest gatherer of information about individuals. Probably they know better about you than any government agency. Based on the current and upcoming technology I simply try to outline what FB is able to compute about you by simply connecting all these little dots with the help of some more or less simple algorithms they run on your data and behaviour.


What Facebook knows about your daily life?

FB knows when you get up in the morning due to the the runtime of apps like FB or WhatsApp. Based on your personal information on FB or you company system FB knows where you work in case you have decided not to share your employer with your FB friends.




Facebook knows roughly how much money you have:

Ok to be honest this information will be quite vague but at least it allows FB to put you into groups based on how wealthy you are.

FB is able to read all the apps you have installed on your phone or tablet which allows them to see where you have your money and how often you open those apps.

Furthermore FB knows which mobile devices you had over the time you are on FB, WhatsApp and Instagram. This allows them to analyse that you are for example that kind of guy who buys a new iPhone and iPad as soon as they come to the market. This lets them assume that you do not only have the disposable income to afford it but that you are also looking for status symbols.




Facebook knows a lot about your relationship:

(Let’s assume that you use tinder which more and more people do) Signing up for tinder is easy and statistics show that more and more people are signing up for their service

Based on the kind of people you like, Facebook should be able to tell what kind of people interest you. Even better is that FB knows if you are happy in your relationship or speaking an advanture.




Facebook knows who you’ve been stalking:

If you’ve ever repeatedly searched for a person’s name, Facebook will remember and store this information and the next time you search when logged in, it will predict your most common searhes. This data can be quite private – and embarrassing.




Facebook knows where you’ve been:

If you’ve ever used the Facebook feature ‘Nearby Friends’, Facebook will store a record of exactly where you’ve been, using your smart device’s GPS or Wi-Fi location services. It will also broadcast your approximate location to anybody else on your Friends list that has the feature enabled which, as you have no way of controlling this, could be anyone.


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