Ayub’s first broadcast on Indian aggression against Pakistan, Kashmir

ISLAMABAD – In a nationwide broadcast, President Muhammad Ayub Khan declared that India’s aggression against Pakistan and Kashmir would not be allowed to go unchallenged.

Under the threat of war in Kashmir which was being forced on Pakistan by India, President Ayub said that India’s policy towards Pakistan and Kashmir from the very beginning had been set on collision course. The present conflict in Kashmir was the inevitable outcome of that policy, he said.

He warned that India alone would be responsible for the consequences that were bound to follow. The broadcast was President Ayub’s first utterance on the Indian aggression against Pakistan, Azad Kashmir and the war of liberation which the Kashmiris started in the Indian-held state on August 8.

The president said that after having failed to suppress the freedom fighters in held Kashmir, India has embarked on course of aggression across the ceasefire line (now Line of Control). The situation had now become grimmer, he said. He warned that India had misunderstood the patience and restraint which it had imposed on Pakistan.

The sense of discipline shown by the people of Pakistan sprang from their faith and ability to defend their country, but they would, in the supreme hour of trial, rise like one man and give a befitting reply to India aggression, the president emphasised. The world might well ask, why the India were so anxious to precipitate the war, the president said.

The Indian wanted war because their adventure of imperialism, which started with the subjugation of Junagadh and Hyderabad and later brought Goa under their occupation was in serious jeopardy in Kashmir. The Indian attempt to dismiss popular uprising of Kashmiris as the work of some infiltrators from across the ceasefire line was a pathetic attempt at deluding the world, he said.

This would deceive on one who was even vaguely familiar with the history of the freedom movement in the Indian-held Kashmir.

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