Coke Studio Season 8 third episode released

Coke Studio released the 3rd episode of Season 8 on Sunday 30th August featuring ‘Rung Jindri’ by Arif Lohar, ‘Neun La Leya’ by Kaavish, ‘Umraan Langhiyaan’ by Ali Sethi & Nabeel Shaukat, and ‘Man Aamadeh Am’ by Gul Panrra & Atif Aslam.

‘Man Aamadeh Am’ paired the songstress Gul Panrra’s dreamy vocals with Atif Aslam’s signature style, delivering a magical rendition of this love ballad; a classic Iranian song featuring Urdu verses penned by Atif himself. As Tanveer Tafu works his charm on the Rubab and Arsalan Rabbani masterfully provides the melodic sound with his Harmonium, Gul and Atif effortlessly interweaved emotions while singing words of love and heartache.

Following the enormous success of Arif Lohar with his ‘Jugni’ on Coke Studio’s Season 3, the Punjabi folk stalwart returned to the platform ‘Rung Jindri’, a Punjabi folk song that compliments his signature powerhouse style. Against a backdrop of lyrics that advise one to live wisely and mindfully whilst appreciating this world, the song was enriched by Tanveer Tafu’s rhythmic pattern of the Mandolin and accompanying backing vocals. Babar Khanna’s dholak and Mannu’s groovy bass further enhanced the kaleidoscopic soundscape of this track that’s full of promise.

‘Umraan Langhiyaan’ is the perfect example of what Ali Sethi and Nabeel Shaukat Ali’s combined vocal prowess is able of – transcending classical raags to improvise within the sonic space to create a fresh sound without taking away the soul of the melody. Written by Khwaja Ghulam Fareed, and originally composed by Asad Amanat Ali, the track opened with the melodic riffs of Tanveer Tafu’s Banjo in conversation with Arsalan Rabbani’s Harmonium; paired with Aahad Nayani’s drum intervals building a distinctive sound making this track has all the makings of a splendid duet.

Returning to Coke Studio with their latest song, ‘Neun La Leya’ – Kaavish continued to create a poignant and compelling sound. This song was originally composed by Hamid Ali Bela and penned by Kaalay Khan Sahib. A once forgotten beauty, the track is heartrending from the onset featuring Jaffer Zaidi’s signature mellow vocals, Sajid Ali’s soothing flute and Maaz Maudood’s familiar atmospheric sensibility with the guitar.

Audiences are looking forward to the unveiling of the remaining big guns of the music industry after the captivating third episode of Coke Studio Season 8.

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