Eight reasons to be thankful for our imperfect lives

For most of us, life is a confusing rubik’s cube of imperfect mess. There’s barely any person who can vouch for his life to be perfect, just the way he likes it. The rich strives to become richer, the poor strives to make ends meet, but even in this seemingly imperfect world that we live in, our imperfections are what make us keep going. Little do we realize that it is the imperfection that is the biggest driving force behind us? Let’s be grateful for our imperfect life, because otherwise these eight things wouldn’t take place in our lives.

Imperfections of the life we live create a yearning for a better life in our minds.



We should strive for the bigger and better goals.



The seeming imperfections of one’s current situation make him go and explore other options.



Imperfections also fuel the fire of courage within us.



The general imperfection of life makes us appreciate what we have.



It makes us love the people in our lives more.



The imperfection also introduces you with your capabilities and insecurities.



It is our imperfections that keep us grounded.


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