‘Govt must stop ‘all is well’ mantra in Balochistan’

Fehmida says education, health not satisfactory in province 

QUETTA – Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Vice President Fehmida Jamali has expressed serious concerns over unavailability of basic infrastructure in health and education which was a basic need for people of Balochistan.

Talking to reporters here on Friday, Fehmida said that the provincial government should look into this important matter so that people may come from the depravedness. The authorities must stop repeating the mantra of ‘all is well’ in Balochistan.

She said that the genuine grievances of the Baloch people must be addressed and their apprehensions about mega development projects underway in the province should be allayed. Locals must be the primary beneficiaries of the ongoing development schemes.

She said that the provincial capital of Balochistan, leaving the other 31 districts of the province in the lurch, the government has so far not been able to do anything substantial related to education for the province. Therefore, to this day, 1.5 million children are not going to schools in Balochistan.

She said that Government schools are present across the province, but the schools in rural areas have either turned or are turning into ‘ghost schools.’ The reason: teachers of schools are mostly based in Quetta; they do not bother to take classes in the rural areas of Balochistan, as they receive their salaries while sitting at home.

Very pathetically, the teachers don’t even know the position they are posted to. Secondly, there is no check and balance by the government because mostly teachers are party workers of Balochistan’s political parties. And if a district education officer takes action against such fugitive teachers, they resort to holding demonstrations against their illegal demands.

Therefore when teachers do not go to take classes, students have to quit their schools and work somewhere which was a matter a concern. “Though merely announcing an economic or financial package for Balochistan will not appease its people. The development process must bring a positive change in the socioeconomic and political milieu of the province. If the people feel socially alienated, economically frustrated and politically discriminated, then infrastructure development alone cannot change the current state of affairs,” said Fehmida.


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