Say no to these five things for a better life

Here are five important things to say no for the betterment of your life:

1: “No” to tasks you can easily outsource instead

Entrepreneurs consistently need more of two things: money and time. You can create more money, you can scale more income, but you can’t create more time. There will always be 24 hours in a day, no exceptions.

Since you can’t control the amount of time you have access to, focus instead on the amount of time you can leverage from others. Outsourcing is a fantastic way to keep momentum in your life and your business.

Is your time best spent cleaning? If not, hire someone to clean. Is your time best spent preparing meals or answering phone calls? You can outsource both those things. Look for all the ways and places you can say “no” to tasks that you could easily and probably affordably outsource.

2: “No” to actions that don’t match your vision

Before you say “yes” to any request, ask if it matches your vision. There are a lot of great speaking opportunities, podcast interviews, charity events, mentoring opportunities and so many more potentially limitless lists of activities and events to get involved with in your life. However, just because something is a good cause, great product or smart idea, doesn’t mean it’s intuitively the right fit for your vision.

Say “no” to actions or events that don’t match your vision. Remember, you need to leverage your time because you can’t create more, so say no to things that don’t contribute directly to your best version of your vision.

3: “No” to things that distract and destroy your time

We’re already back to talking about time. Time is your most precious resource, so why let any activity distract or destroy that? This is about setting boundaries with others, regardless of business or pleasure.

Have a friend who loves to gossip? You don’t have time for that anymore. Either say no to that conversation or don’t answer the phone. Do you have staff members who are prone to long stories or talks of sports scores? Decide carefully whether those activities enhance your time or kill it. Say no to the things that don’t make you better and that waste your time.

4: “No” to things that aren’t healthy for your mind and body

You don’t have time to be sick or feel sluggish. You just don’t. Take your health and well-being very seriously, because right up there with time is your health so you can enjoy your time and your business.

You know the saying, garbage in, garbage out? Make sure you’re saying no to any garbage you’re putting into your mind and body. No to negativity, no to bad food, no to lethargy. Just say no to the thoughts, activities and fuel that aren’t good for you. Fuel yourself with the right no’s to stay healthy.

5: “No” to things that aren’t up to you or in your control

There are things in this life that are inevitably out of your control – lots of them, actually. So you have a choice. You can fret and freak out about things such as the government, the economy, your partner, the weather or any other variable outside your power, or you can chose to say no to the stress that comes from getting upset about things you can’t control.

This isn’t about giving up; it’s about knowing you’re going to get through whatever storms may come. Frankly, giving in to worry or the illusion you can control the outcome only creates stress and wastes time.

Say no to the belief that you can always be in complete control. Say no to the undue stress that comes from trying to change outcomes that aren’t up to you.

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