Six Ghalib Shayaris can instill feelings in cold hearts

Artists, poets, writers, are beautiful and why shouldn’t they be? They spend their entire lifetime creating works that please souls that touch souls, and Mirza Ghalib, the eminent Urdu and Persian poet, who began composing poems at a tender age of 11, stated himself during his lifetime that he would be recognized for his contributions by the later generations, and he could not be more accurate on this one.

It is said that Ghalib was much prouder of his works in Persian, but it is his Urdu poems that garnered him major fame. While we are convinced that each and every shayari he has ever composed is a work of sheer perfection, however for the readers, we have selected the ones we found to be extremely heart-warming.



How much terrified does one feel in dark (on sunset ),

Go and ask the birds, who do not own a house!



Though many of my desires were fulfilled, majority remained unfulfilled.



If your prayers are potent, Mullah, move this mosque my way,

Else have a drink or two with me, and we’ll see its minarets sway



The prison of life and the bondage of grief are one and the same

Before the onset of death, how can man expect to be free of grief?



Don’t go by the lines on the palm of hand Ghalib,

Luck is bestowed even on those who don’t have hands.



The happiness of the world is nothing for me,

For my heart is left with no feeling besides blood.



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