‘Wi-tribe aims to develop a robust broadband eco-system in Pakistan’

Wasim Ahmad, the Chief Operating Officer (CEO) of wi-tribe, in an interview regarding the ‘ITCN Asia 2015’, highlighted his company’s vision and focus on customer convenience, digital lifestyles, innovative mobile applications and enterprise level solutions


Q: What has wi-tribe Pakistan got to offer at the ITCN Asia 2015?


A: We are excited to be at the ITCN Asia 2015. It’s good to see the amount of interest from both consumers and corporate side towards making the event a success.


Our team will be present on all three days of the event with the aim of engaging with the audiences. Wi-tribe will be displaying its exciting new mobile apps and innovative solutions, and hopes to see a positive feedback from everyone present.


Q: Being a premier broadband service provider, how do you see the future of broadband Internet in Pakistan and how is wi-tribe geared up for the future?


A: We understand our customers and acknowledge their need for a reliable broadband connection. We at wi-tribe pride ourselves at giving our customers not only reliability but also excellent customer service.


The current growth of 3G/4G technology has spurred the Internet usage demand in Pakistan, which boosts the demand of a stable broadband Internet connection, for which wi-tribe provides the best solution.


With 3G/4G technology and WiFi/WiMax networks being increasingly used as an alternative to fixed-line broadband connections at homes, wi-tribe is well prepared for any changes relating to wireless broadband Internet technology.


Q: How the customer expectations in the Internet industry changed over the years?



A: Customers now expect a company to have a close relationship with them. The ability to connect with the customers on a personal level is of prime significance. The communication has to be perfect for the customer to understand and react accordingly. This is one of the key strengths of wi-tribe and we pride ourselves for providing one-to-one interaction to our customers, which is timely, to the point and honest. Our social media communication platforms provide just the right channel to manage a personalised relationship with our customers.



Q: You talked about wi-tribe showcasing their mobile apps at the ITCN 2015. What kind of apps can people look forward to?


A: We believe in adding value to the community we serve through our diversified and state-of-the-art products and services. In order for people to extract more from their daily lives using their mobiles, wi-tribe has introduced 3 exciting new apps at the conference.


First in line is ‘Buzz’, which provides free voice calls and also offers localised app stickers, free group calls and a virtual number.


Then we have ‘wi-tribe TV’, which enables customers to access digital television service on their PCs, laptops and smartphones. The service offers more than 100 Live TV channels.


Finally, we have an exclusive security app ‘resQ’, which sends alerts and location details to family and friends in case of an emergency.


Q: What is going to be wi-tribe’s approach heading into the ITCN and the future ahead?



A: The company is moving forward with the theme ‘Innovating Smarter Lifestyles’ while presenting our products and services at the ITCN 2015. We are focusing on bringing innovation to the industry, while diversifying its current portfolio of products and services not only for the consumer but also for the corporate sector.


We have now extended wireless broadband services for the corporate segments with our exclusive enterprise services, ensuring that the needs of the customer base are duly met.


One of our main priorities is to better understand the growth of mobile phone usage in the country and provide innovative products and services primarily covering the e-commerce and entertainment categories.


Q: What is the biggest strength of wi-tribe?



A: As CEO of the company, I believe in investing in our employees, so they can take the lead in making their own decisions. This in turn affects their commitment to the company and eventually affects the level of service they provide to our customers.


Service quality is something that is currently lacking in broadband companies and fails to match expectations. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our customers enjoy our services and are happy with the support we give them.



Q: What will you say about the overall culture of wi-tribe?



A: At wi-tribe, we regard every single employee as part of a big family. Each and every ‘triber’ is expected to act as a model for everyone within and outside the organisation and to portray our company’s core values of customer centricity and quality.



This sense of togetherness increases the trust between our employees and allows for a refreshing environment to work in.



Q: How would you describe your leadership style?



A: First and foremost, I would say it’s a great privilege to be able to lead an organisation regardless of its size. For me, it’s a balance of being honest and open with my management and colleagues. I take this responsibility as an honour to serve and take the company forward. That’s what everyone is here for; to take the organisation forward collectively towards achieving our goals.


I believe in a positive mind-set even in the face of challenges. My style of accomplishing tasks includes involving my whole team where everyone’s contribution is respected. When you have a consistent approach like this towards the way you work, it radiates in the shape of actions of your employees. So it is essential to create such an environment where people feel confident and comfortable while giving their inputs.



Q: What message would you like to give to the audience present at ITCN Asia 2015?



A: Wi-tribe is committed to develop a robust broadband eco-system in Pakistan, while focussing our efforts on customer convenience, digital lifestyles and innovative mobile applications and enterprise level solutions to name a few.


In order to meet the current and future expectations of our customers and the growing market, our innovative products and platforms are dedicated towards enriching people’s lives and provide an even more interactive experience for our customers at home or at the corporate level. We believe that, through the launch of wi-tribe TV, voice calling and security apps, we will be able to create more volume for our customers.


The future is full of opportunities and we are determined to invest in ideas that help improve lives of our customers. The last few years have seen a dramatic change in the ICT sector of Pakistan and we are hoping that the future will be even brighter.

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