Bids open for Mangla refurbishment project

LAHORE: The financial bids of three technically responsive bidders opened at the WAPDA House for procurement of six generating units with generation capacity of 135 megawatts (MW) each.

These units would be installed at the Mangla Hydel Power Station as part of the Mangla Refurbishment Project.

During the previous bidding process for two units, which was annulled by WAPDA, the lowest responsive bid price for one unit was Rs 2.377 billion, which decreased to Rs 1.712 billion. At the time of the first tendering, Alstom Hydro France – the lowest responsive bidder – was debarred by the World Bank. As a result, WAPDA cancelled the tender and initiated the tendering process afresh. By the time, the sanction imposed on Alstom was lifted and it once again participated in the tendering, financial bids of which were opened the other day at the WAPDA House.

In addition to Alstom Hydro France, Voith Hydro Germany and Andritz Hydro Austria were the bidders in the second tendering. The fresh bidding for procurement of six units is expected to benefit the national exchequer by about Rs 4 billion as the price of one turbine is lower by Rs 0.665 billion.

WAPDA spokesman Rana Abid said in the second tendering, WAPDA adopted a fast-track approach by inviting tenders for six generating units.

In addition to saving of Rs 4 billion in the cost of the units, WAPDA would also be able to complete refurbishment of six units in five years, he said.

The refurbishment project would increase the generation capacity of Mangla Hydel Power Station from 1,000MW to 1,310MW, an increase of 310MW.

The existing Mangla Hydel Power Station has 10 generating units, having generation capacity of 100MW each with a useful life of 30 years, extendable up to 35 years. The first unit was commissioned in 1967.

Despite completion of their useful life long ago, all units installed at Mangla Hydel Power Station have still been working efficiently and generating electricity in accordance with their installed capacity due to the operational skills of WAPDA engineers and technical personnel and effective maintenance of these units.

In order to benefit from additional 2.88 million acre feet (MAF) of water and 40 feet additional water head available with completion of Mangla Dam Raising Project in 2009, WAPDA planned to refurbish the existing Mangla Hydel Power Station. Besides, the use of latest technology was also one of the factors to make plans for optimising generation capacity of Mangla Hydel Power Station. With use of the latest technology, the quantum of water, which generates 1,000MW, would be sufficient to generate 1,310MW of electricity. WAPDA completed feasibility study of Mangla Hydel Power Station Refurbishment Project in 2011.

The project would be implemented in various phases, wherein the generating units would be refurbished by closing down one tunnel (two generating units) at a time. First two units would be refurbished by 2018, the next two by 2019 and the other two by the year 2020. By the year 2022, all the 10 units would be refurbished to complete the project.


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