Greenback stands flat versus rupee

KARACHI: The greenback closed flat in the interbank market on Friday on insignificant demand by importers and corporate sector. The dollar closed at Rs 105 for buying and Rs 105.20 for selling after dull demand compared to previous trading in interbank. The gap of the dollar rates between the interbank and kerb markets stood at 10 paisas on average compared to previous trading session. The leading currency dealers were short of dollar and the local currency speculators and gamblers remained on sideline that put local currency value against dollar in comfort zone, trade people added. The local demand for greenback would not touch high besides State Bank of Pakistan’s intervention in the money market would support rupee. The demand for dollar would remain moderate in open market. The euro remained up in the interbank and closed at Rs 112.74 for buying and Rs 112.97 for selling with a rise of Re 1. The pound sterling closed at Rs 157.73 for buying and Rs 158.02 for selling, shedding Re 1. The dollar closed low in the open currency market on dull demand from private sector people. The dollar closed at Rs 106.90 for buying and Rs 107.15 for selling in the open currency market shedding 35 paisas. The local currency would stand firm in the open currency in near future on better influx of forex and intervention by central bank. The pound sterling closed down at Rs 160 for buying and Rs 160.70 for selling, with 75 paisas downward change in value against rupee. The euro closed at Rs 114 for buying and Rs 114.50 for selling, gaining Re 1 as compared to previous trading session.


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