Planning on weekly basis helps relaxing life: Study

ISLAMABAD : Planning out ones week can help navigate life gracefully while over-planning day to day tasks can make one neurotic and stressed.

This was revealed in a study ‘How to Stop  Over-planning’, (Even if you’re a perfectionist) by Elizabeth Grace Saunders.

It said, the best way to reap the benefits of daily and weekly planning was to take a more relaxed approach,and to understand the role spontaneity should play in ones plans.

The study suggested some measures:

Suggesting to be intentional but flexible, it said, decide in advance where you want to end up, but accept that your route may change along the way.

About redefining a 100pc score, it said, for most people, a great day is when they accomplish 60-70 pc of their goals.

Advising about not to think of plans as a test, it said, if ones self-worth depends on how accurately one implements ones plans, then one is on shaky grounds, as, Life is meant to be lived, not just ‘done’.




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