Remembering the endurance of APS Peshawar martyrs and victims

It’s been a year, when a horrible massacre took place on a piece of earth, when the flowers which had not bloomed yet were crushed brutally on the land of their own. The walls of the school were painted with their blood; their books, classes, halls and even the furniture of the school were stained with the blood of innocent children who were busy in their studies or were planning for the bright future ahead.

However, the butchers of humanity had other plans for those little buds. The malevolent inclination destroyed the happiness of 144 families, and the victims’ mind will not forget that horrifying attack which took away their happiness and serenity of mind. If we have woken up few decades ago, those innocent children would not have to sacrifice their lives, it would not have happened if we had taken some major steps which we have taken after this attack.

We know that the Army Public School (APS) attack took place in retaliation to the Operation Zarb-e-Azb which was on-going to crush the enemies in Waziristan and as a result they made 16th December, 2014 a day of mourning for everyone forever. Those butchers call it Jihad (the religious duty of Muslims to maintain the religion). What kind of Jihad is this? Does any Ulema/ Religious scholar after this attack justified or clarified the exact meaning of Jihad?
Unfortunately, those inhumane people regarded the armed forces and their supporters as Kuffar (disbelief). How ridiculous! However, they are doing such acts which show their devilish and wicked mind-set. It’s the disgrace of humanity if we categorize them as humans.

The question is, does it bring any change in our perception? After the attack, I saw that all our politicians were blaming one another but no one was going to take responsibility to change these circumstances. After 16th December, we observed several attacks on the army and even on the airbase on 18th September, 2015. It’s useless to say that we have changed our minds after such a massacre.

Dear APS Martyrs,

We shall never forget you, our angels. We know that you are playing in the halls and corridors of Heaven and are having a beautiful and eternal life there. But we will not spare your murderers who took away your life and the happiness of your families. Your blood soaked shoes have made us realise that if we embrace our faults and fears before such horrific attacks, several lives can be saved. You were the ones who paid the price of these wars which remains for decade and we did not know when it’s going to end.
You gave us the power to dream, to rise and to shine and most importantly you showed that our strength lies in unity and because you we (Pakistanis) showed the entire world how to stay strong and never surrender to the evil souls which have inundated our land today, You are our heroes and we look up to all you every day. You teach us the lesson of bravery as your fathers do in the battlefield.

It’s a request to you all to please pray to God that He should open the eyes of everyone who are siding with those barbarous people so that we might not collect the blood stained books, chairs or shoes.
Salute to the bravery and helping nature of the martyred students who were helping their classmates in escaping and several students who were killed while saving others .
Apart from the students, it will be unjust to not mention the sacrifice of the courageous teachers of APS who got a chance to escape from the school but they refused to save themselves. The sacrifice they gave in saving students is highly commendable. There isn’t any award or medal in this world which would be enough for such endurance.


Dear Victims of APS Peshawar,

You portrayed the picture of bravery to the whole world. You proved that we are not afraid of these bombings, those animals wanted to make us illiterate like themselves by their coward acts, but you refused. The pain of losing friends and classmates you bare and faced those horrible moments can never be forgotten or erased from your innocent minds. But we are with you and with unity and strength we will crush them forever. Stay strong and remember, Pakistan is with you.

The worth of human life is more than anything.


The blogger – a Microbiologist – has keen interest in writing and is willing to be an aspiring writer. She tweets as @SyedaSanaZehra1

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