Dollar closes flat against rupee

KARACHI: The dollar closed flat in the interbank market against rupee, as demand was dull, treasurers said.

The dollar remained even to close at Rs 104.50 for buying and Rs 104.70 for selling with no increase compared to previous closing. The gap of the greenback rates between the interbank and kerb markets remained 65 paisas on day’s average. Commercial banks made payments for imports, while forex inflow remained between $7 million to $8 million, bankers said. They said State Bank of Pakistan did not make any intervention in the market, as there was more liquidity in the banks.

The central bank kept providing dollars to commercial banks for their customers’ payments for supporting the rupee from falling against the greenback. The domestic currency remained firm against the dollar after dull demand for different payments. The euro lost 61 paisas in the interbank to close at Rs 113.78 for buying and Rs 114 for selling. And the pound sterling remained firm by gaining 28 paisas to close at Rs 148.14 and Rs 148.43 for buying and selling respectively.

Kerb Market: The dollar closed firm in the open currency market on demand. The greenback closed at Rs 106.50 for buying and Rs 106.75 for selling in the open market. It gained 10 paisas. The pound sterling closed firm at Rs 152.29 for buying and Rs 152.95 for selling, it gained 29 paisas against the rupee while the euro closed at Rs 116 for buying and Rs 116.50 for selling, after a loss of 50 paisas.

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