President Xi's visit to Pakistan proved a landmark development

ISLAMABAD : President Xi Jinping recent visit to Pakistan was a landmark development in giving new dimension to bilateral relations between the two countries

The two countries laid great focus on economic diplomacy, in their bilateral interaction at the top leadership level.

According to China Daily, one key task in China’s diplomatic efforts in 2015 was to comprehensively promote the Belt and Road Initiative strategy. During President Xi Jinping’s overseas visits this year, countries and regions along the route were invited to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative and agreements were signed and many major projects like CPEC are already making steady progress.

President Xi called for the formulation of a strategic framework for bilateral practical cooperation, with the CPEC at the center.

The CPEC is a 3,000-km network of roads, railways and pipelines to transport oil and gas from southern Pakistan’s Gwadar Port to Kashgar city, north western China’s Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region. China’s hectic diplomatic year 2015 saw President Xi Jinping spend 42 days conducting eight trips abroad. It also witnessed an ever-increasing recognition of the country’s enhanced global role and a boost in diplomatic ties with major world powers including the United Kingdom and United States, and neighboring countries like Pakistan and Indonesia.

China and Pakistan long viewed each other as “iron friends,” and upgraded their relations to an all-weather strategic partnership of cooperation, eyeing perpetual friendship from generation to generation. “The Pakistan-China friendship is higher than mountains, deeper than oceans, sweeter than honey, and stronger than steel.” said Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Attending activities commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Bandung Conference

The daily china further said,  China is a peace-loving nation always advocating harmony. China will adhere to the road of peaceful development, the foreign policy of peace and independence, the win-win strategy of opening-up and the view of justice and interests, to cooperate with all the countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence and will always maintain world peace and promote common development. Under the new circumstances, the Bandung Spirit of solidarity, friendship and cooperation remains relevant and potent, President Xi Jinping pointed out in a speech when taking part in the commemorative event 60 years after the landmark 1955 Bandung Conference.

While commenting on CPEC, China daily said, more than 30 agreements among the 51 agreements and memorandums of understanding are designed to boost the CPEC project. Early results of the planned corridor have seen 25 projects scheduled to be completed in the next three to five years.

Under 21 agreements on energy, the countries will cooperate on gas, coal and solar energy projects to provide 16,400 megawatts of electricity roughly equivalent to Pakistan’s current capacity.


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