Wheat exports post 100% increase during last two quarters

ISLAMABAD : Wheat exports from the country during first half of the current financial year registered 100% increase as compared to the corresponding period of last year.

About 274 metric tons of wheat worth $0.066 million exported during the period from July-December 2015 as compared to the same period of last financial year. According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, spices export also witnessed 15.24% increase and about 9,889 metric tonnes of spices valuing $34.885 million exported.

Country earned $30.271 million by exporting about 9,142 metric tonnes of spices of different kinds during first two-quarters of last financial year, it added.

Meanwhile, meat and meat preparation, exports registered 20.88% increase and about 38,672 metric tonnes of meat and meat products worth $132.036 million exported, the data reveled. According the data, meat and meat products exports were recorded at 34,704 metric tonnes costing $109.226 million during first six months of last financial year. During first half of current financial year, vegetable exports increased by 33.89% and about 276,544 metric tonnes of fresh vegetables worth $80.130 million exported.

Vegetable exports were recorded at 212,575 metric tons valuing$59.807 million during the same period of last financial year, the data reveled.

However, during last tow quarters of current financial year food group exports from the country decreased by 10.63% and reached at $1.863 billion as compared to $2.084 billion of same period of last financial year.

Meanwhile, the food group import in the country also reduced by 6.56% during first six months of current financial year.

Food commodities worth $2.625 billion were imported during the period from July-December, 2015 as compared to imports of $2.810 billion of the corresponding period of last financial year. On month-on-month basis, both import and export of food commodities remained on down track as import of food group reduced by 4.48% where as export of food group also registered 19.19% decrease respectively.


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