Richie Rich Billion Dollar Castles


There are things that those who roll in the money can buy that make them stand matchless not only in the crowd of their populace but also all over the world. This article is about one of those things. Here we are going to take you on a picture-tour inside the mansions of the super rich people all over the world that will give you a representation of their flamboyant lifestyles.

Penthouse from the future

Patio that reflects Arc de Triomphe

When Atlantic is just a few miles away from your Palace

The $25M backyard trifecta: ✔️infinity pool ✔️jacuzzi ✔️Atlantic Ocean

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Gold Staircase

Gold ceilings

Work hard. Save money. Paint ceiling gold.

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Gold Faucets because when you live in style, you rinse in style!

Dream libraries

There’s no substitute for hard work, But no one said you had to leave home to do it.

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Cherishing Laundry room

Multi-million dollar home theaters

Happiness is a million dollar home theatre and a $7.99 Netflix subscription.

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Bowling alleys

This baller #mansion includes a Bowling alley— #Bowling #Baller

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Palm tree’s living room

2 Palm trees, 4 sofas, a dining area and 1 grand piano… that’s just the LIVING ROOM.

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A moated castle

When you can actually afford to sleep like a King

A throne for sleeping

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Dream courtyard


This NYC townhouse mansion includes serious water views… in the basement.

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When Kings dine

The mega-mansion wine cellar (do NOT BYOB there’s plenty to go around)

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Post dinner home bar

Crystal chandeliers

Luxurious bathrooms

Rooftop pool

An ‘indoor-outdoor’ pool. As soon as the weather starts looking ominous, press one button and a glass wall descends to separate the two sections

Spiral staircases to navigate their three-story mega closets

Source: Business Insider 

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