10 most hard hitting cities to begin career

Starting a career is not a simple task you may go through different questions like when and how to search job. Along such things where you are looking forward also leaves a question mark in your mind

To answer this question Bankrate.com, the personal financing website, ranked 10 cities based on five things beginners should consider before launching their career.

By analyzing these five variables in the top 100 US cities Bankrate.com determined which cities most and least ideal for starting a career.

Each variables was scored on a scale of 1 to 100 — 1 being the best and 100 being the worst, considering metrics like social opportunities, job prospectus, pay potential, career advancement and quality of life.

The following 10 cities are the lowest ranking on the list, the worst places where it’s toughest to launch a career.

  1. Roanoke, Virginia10

Social opportunities: 99

Job prospects: 26

Pay potential: 82

Career advancement: 82

Quality of life: 49

  1. Greensboro, North Carolina UNCG Photo by David Wilson - 12/6/05 - Aerial view of the UNCG campus in the evening during the holiday luminaries display.

Social opportunities: 81

Job prospects: 67

Pay potential: 96

Career advancement: 76

Quality of life: 54

  1. Shreveport, Louisiana


Social opportunities: 72

Job prospects:  79

Pay potential:  77

Career advancement: 96

Quality of life: 55

  1. Fort Walton Beach, Florida 77

Social opportunities: 77

Job prospects: 79

Pay potential: 77

Career advancement: 96

Quality of life: 55

  1. Knoxville, Tennessee


Social opportunities:  89

Job prospects: 66

Pay potential:  92

Career advancement:  88

Quality of life: 40

  1. Montgomery, Alabama


Social opportunities: 68

Job prospects: 89

Pay potential: 95

Career advancement:  89

Quality of life:  36

  1. Jackson, Mississippi


Social opportunities: 63

Job prospects: 95

Pay potential: 85

Career advancement: 91

Quality of life: 56

  1. Beaumont-Port Arthur, Texas


Social opportunities: 86

Job prospects: 83

Pay potential: 79

Career advancement: 98

Quality of life: 98

  1. Mobile, Alabama


Social opportunities: 84

Job prospects: 88

Pay potential: 99

Career advancement: 99

Quality of life: 43

  1. Fayetteville, North Carolina


Social opportunities: 18

Job prospects: 100

Pay potential: 100

Career advancement: 93

Quality of life: 22


Source: Business Insider

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