5 fields you can earn from as a student

All of us students get a lot of free time which we mostly like to waste. And so we waste it regardless. But after wasting ample of our time, most of us try to figure out what to do with our free time and we frequently end up unable to figure out how to start utilizing our free time and convert it into cash so we can double our hanging out time with our friends and spend it on movies or eating up at the latest café. Here, in this article we have made a list of 5 fields you can try earning from as a part time student

Freelance Photographer


If you have a DSLR, this is the perfect field to opt for both as a part time hobby and part time earning field. Much better would be if you have knowledge of related software’s for editing and retouching photos. Graphic design and Photoshop experience is a plus.



Blogs are so common these days. If you know how to put all the words right, you are already a writer. All you need are excellent writing and editing skills, as well as the ability to work under deadlines. Depending on the writing job, writers are usually responsible for creating specific and focused content in one or more subject areas.

If lucky, you might end up as a content editor at some media house. All it takes is for you to be good at grammar, spelling, and ability edit a lot of content.

Social media handler


Most media houses now a day’s have a separate department of Social media which is really a good thing because it’s the easiest thing to know and do. All it takes is for you to have a Smartphone, know how to use face book, twitter, instagram and probably a few more of the cool apps and that’s is, you are all fit to be employed!

Web designer


If you are a computer genius in this digital computerized era, you are not worthless at all.

“According to Wikipedia, Web design encompasses many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization.”

In these roles, designers create, update, and manage web-design elements; all you need is to have great designing skills!

Online researcher


Online researchers can be anyone who knows how to use google right. All you need is to be able to research questions and deliver clients with high quality answers and personable explanations. Excellent research skills and the ability to find quality content are a must. Expertise in certain areas as well as general knowledge in respective subject areas is desirable!

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