Things that you should never say in your exit interview

When you quit a job, HR may ask you to partake in an exit interview.

Some say an exit interview is the ideal opportunity to be completely honest about your experiences with your employer and offer them critical and constructive feedback, while others argue it’s awkward and not worth the risk of burning bridges, as your criticism probably won’t inspire any significant changes, anyway.

But regardless of your attitude toward the exit interview, it’s imperative that you be cordial and professional.


Here are some phrases to avoid in every exit interview:

  • I hated my boss he is the worse,

Never comment about your boss such things, may be in future you will have to take reference from that boss or you will have to return to the company.


  • Never discuss about the coworkers you didn’t like or you have trouble with,

Attacking personal will only make your image poor.


  • Tell them about your goodness in that job, or wish them good luck to run the business without you,

When you are getting that was the time to boast them up not now.


  • You will sink in soon from this business,

This comment doesn’t accomplish you anything.


  • I never liked my seat or my cubical or the place where I was placed to work,

Give them constructive ideas rather than discussing trivial matters.


  • Avoid harsh words or hurtful speech,

Be diplomatic, cool never use hate speech against people, system or departments.


  • Never say this is the worst company I have worked for,

Don’t be unprofessional this will coffin all the opportunities to return to this firm or asking them to be a reference in the future.


  • Don’t praise about the new job you are going to work for,

Don’t minimize your former employer by bragging about how you are moving onto much bigger and better things.


  • Don’t tell them about how much big you are offered from elsewhere,

Never make it about money.


  • No comment,

Don’t be nonresponsive, it will make you seem you are hiding something.


  • I would never work here again,

Don’t burn the bridges, Never say never.

Source: Business Insider

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