12 Time Wasting Habits people indulge in without knowing the consequences

12 Time Wasting Habits people indulges in without knowing the consequences

The modern world is fast paced and time often seems to slip by with us barely noticing. It’s for that reason that it’s important that we don’t spend time or attention on things that are negative or just plain stupid.

When we look back on life and how time passed, so often we have regrets about what could’ve been accomplished in that space of time.

It’s important to analyze how we spend our days, hour by hour, and regularly look for ways to work smarter, ways to eliminate time-wasters. Here are 12 habits which lead a person to waste his/her time.



1.Lack of priorities:

Priorities mean considering something valuable than anything else. People who do not have priorities which tend to consume their own time negatively. If we have a special task or a hope in our life, for which we have to focus more so we can do well in life. Lack of priorities lead us to time wasting.We do not have any goals any ambition in life we gradually waste our time.



2.Waiting for an inspiration:

Most of the people wait for the right time, because of this, they waste their present time. We should never wait for the right time to enjoy a moment, live with what you have. You do not know this will become “your moment”, seize the day my friend and enjoy the moment as waiting for an inspiration will do nothing but only lead to time waste.



3.Doing everything by yourself:

Being active and doing all your work on your own is an example of healthy life but sometimes it becomes a mess also, as all the burden will be upon you and when you have limited time and lots of work, you are unable to complete your required task. A person should always do a limited and classified work so you can complete given work at time.


4.Worrying about what people will say:

Worrying about what people will say, how will they react, will they accept my idea? Me? This thought has ruined a lot of person’s mind soul and their creativity. One should not consider other specially society for what they are doing. This act always leads a person to waste their time instead of consuming it. As they are not on their desired path, they will definitely waste their time.



5.Social Networking:
The main biggest and most common reason behind time wasting is social networking, according to a research upto 40 percent people consume their time using social network. Means in a day a person is wasting his time on social network.


6.The fear:

Fear of trying out a new challenge, fear of changing your self, fear facing your own fear is the main backdraw of wasting time. People are lack in changing their life, a smallest change fears them, they overthink what will happen if that change does not work according to our  planning, by these fears they do not change and waste their time on wrong paths.


7.Unfinished tasks:

‘Unfinished tasks’ itself indicates to time waste. A person is not punctual enough to complete a task that’s why his task remains incomplete. Finish your task at time to prevent from time wasting as you will ask for more time to complete the work which will definitely consume time.


8.Trying to please everybody:

Trying to please everyone specially those people who are not important enough in your life to be pleased, but still you do then it will be your loss not theirs. Try not to do so you have other more important priorities in life to do.


9.Complaining yourself:

Nobody is perfect! Including yourself. So complaining on small things that I cannot  do this I could have done that, will not change the past, you will only waste your time by complaining. It is better to promise yourself not to repeat such mistakes next time and should thank God for what you have.


Not Punctual
Not Punctual
  1. Not punctual enough:

Being lazy all the time will always lead you to waste your own time which is your lost only. Trying to be punctual enough to manage things will surely make your life in routine.


11.Watching movies and playing games:

Watching movies and playing games on mobile is good source of enjoying and spending a quality time but the fact cannot be rejected that it also leads to time waste. On a weekend it is a good idea to watch a movie but doing such activity on daily basis only wastes your time as one movie is maximum of 2 to 3 hours, means you are wasting your 3 hours straight without acquiring any useful information through it. Same goes with playing games, play as much as you can and waste your time unlimitedly.



As mentioned before no one is perfect, we all have lackness at some point, but that does not mean you become disappoint by your life, try to achieve the thing you don’t have still you cannot achieve then stop wasting your times on those things, stop idealizing perfectionism , nothing in this world is perfect, try to polish or maintain those things which you already have in your life.

Salima Bhutto.

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