China’s Unique Innovation to Reduce Traffic Congestion


Traffic problem in China is not as old as it seems. In fact the country has not always had a problem with huge fleet of vehicles on its roads, but over the past couple of decades as China rapidly urbanized, population and infrastructure increased so as the traffic issues.  Beside the traffic jams, China’s urban traffic issues are also considered to be a major factor behind pollution problems be it noise or air.

China has long been striving for countering these problems. Very recently, the country has finally introduced a unique idea to reduce the traffic congestion on roads. A bus introduced with features of elevators making it a unique innovation. With the unique idea, it can easily let cars drive under it.

China has also started testing the futuristic bus in Hebei, the province of Qinhuangdao city, on Monday. This futuristic bus has special features and named as ‘Transit Elevated Bus’ or ‘TEB’. It can provide space to around 300 passengers.

The bus runs on electricity and its top speed is 40 to 50 km/ph but during the trial period it would be tested on slower speed.

Upon success in trial period, the TEB will get a green signal making the flow of traffic smooth then. It would also be easy to control the traffic problems because TED does not affect the traffic by its size. Furthermore, it is not a time consuming technology.

However, people are still not sure about either to accept or reject the technology because yet it has to be testified for safety of the masses. Moreover, the visual-graphical version of running bus issued to appeal people.

Following are the special features of Transit Elevated Bus (TEB):

  • The special features of this bus are the wideness and height of it.
  • A passenger can slide through the bus.
  • The bus is almost 22 metres long.
  • It is 4.8 metres tall.
  • It is 7.8 metres wide covering almost two lanes.
  • It has 16-tired wheel and guided by eight pairs of rail wheels.
  • Vehicles less than two metres tall can only travel or pass under it.

The article is written by Salima Bhutto.  For more information follow us @twitter & @facebook

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