Gwadar is Pakistan & Pakistan is Gwadar: PM

PM Visit to Gwadar

GWADAR: Prime Minister (PM) Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Thursday said that Gwadar would soon emerge as the most prosperous cities in the country with the continued pace of development which pursued by his government.

After inaugurating a string of development projects in the city, he addressed a gathering saying that he would be very pleased to witness Gwadar develop as an international city as his dream pertaining to the city eventually come true.

He regretted that the pace of development initiated by him in
1991 was disrupted and said if there had been continuity in his tenure, the Gwadar Port city would have been developed long time back and contributing to national development.

The Prime Minister also inked several agreements regarding different projects between Pakistani and Chinese companies.

While pointing out several multi billion dollar projects in Gwadar, he was on opinion that investors have shown confidence in the law and order situation of the province. Moreover, he mentioned the significance of the projects for the country by terming Gwadar as Pakistan and Pakistan as Gwadar.

The Prime Minister went on saying that all the projects once completed in
next few years would bring in a world class sea port to the region. “Gwadar is the central point of focus in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. It will not only have a positive impact on the province, but also the entire country”, he added.

While inaugurating power and link-roads projects, the Prime Minister said that 300 MW coal-fired power plant would help in various projects for providing power supply, moreover, a desalination plant, a US 39 billion dollar international airport, and an efficient train service would change the structure of the city, adding, Gwadar would be connected to Motorway and road network through various US 100 billion projects besides it would also have a vocational training centre and a Rs four billion university.

Prime Minister Sharif also appreciated the role of armed services of the country, law enforcement agencies, police and all others who through their sacrifices and hard work bring in peace and stability to the province.

He said terrorists were on the run and were making last ditch efforts by striking soft targets, however was optimist that they would fail miserably in their nefarious designs.

He said the newly inaugurated projects worth Rs fifty billion would help create 50,000 jobs and directed that the people of Gwadar and adjoining areas be given preference as it was their due right. He said the people of entire province would benefit from creation of new jobs.

He was specially grateful to the Chinese government for its support and making development in the Port city a success.

He further appreciated Chinese role in helping Pakistan on the economic front and undertaking a string of infrastructure, energy and development projects. He also lauded China’s role as a “true friend” and thanked the Chinese ambassador for announcing more funding for various projects in the city.

Sharif said several coal fired projects in other parts of the country would help enhance efficiency of the industries and through solar, wind, and hydroelectric projects the country would soon get rid of loadshedding by generating 10,000 MWs by 2018.

Chief Minister Balochistan Sanaullah Zehri lauded the personal efforts of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the development of the most remotest area of the country and pointed out a number of challenges that the federal government overcame to make the dream a success.

“Declaring Gwadar a Tax Free Zone has helped in attracting investment in the area and hastening the pace of development”, he said while announcing a Security Division set up for the safety and protection of foreign investors in the area.

Moreover, he said that the Real Estate business in area that had plunged in the past was now escalating at a rapid rate. He mentioned a number of projects that were in different phases of completion. These include road, hospital and vocational training institutions. He said the first phase of Gwadar Free Port would complete in 2017.

He hoped that the entire Gwadar Port project upon completion would help create 50,000 jobs. He called for early completion of 50,000 gallons for provision of clean drinking water through a de salination plant.

Minister for Ports and Shipping Hasil Bazinjo said development of Gwadar Port reflected vision of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. He described Gwadar as Balochistan and Balochistan as Gwadar.

Ambassador of China to Pakistan Sun Weidong said he was pleased to join as partners in development of Gwadar and mentioned his country’s support for construction of Gwadar Free Zone and handing over a school for the local people.

He further expressed hope that the new projects would help create more employment opportunities and usher in an era of prosperity for the development of the area.

He said more upcoming projects like the Gwadar airport would be completed by ensuring highest quality and was aimed at making the port efficient and of international quality to ensure regional connectivity. He said the area has a bright future.

He also announced US six million dollars for uplifting of local schools in Gwadar, five government scholarships for students of Gwadar besides a one million scholarship.

The Chinese ambassador said the local people of Gwadar and those along the path of China Pakistan Economic Corridor would benefit the most and lead to economic development of Pakistan and the entire region.

Source: APP

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