Role of banking sector in female empowerment


Half of Pakistan’s population consists of women and we cannot progress without empowering and providing them equal opportunities for success, however, the women’s economic empowerment is the basic for sustainable development and pro-poor growth.

Despite progress over the last several decades, girls and women remain the majority of the world’s unhealthy, unfed and unpaid. Achieving women’s economic empowerment requires public policies, a motivating approach and long-term commitment and gender-specific perspectives must be integrated at the design stage of policy and programming.

Women’s economic empowerment matters because Women empowerment is about rights and equitable societies. Economic empowerment is the capacity of women and men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth processes in ways which recognise the value of their contributions.

Women experience barriers in almost every aspect of work. Employment opportunities need to be improved for women. At the same time women perform the bulk of unpaid care work. There is scope for increasing donor investments in women’s economic empowerment.

Achieving women’s economic empowerment is not a “quick fix”. More equitable access to assets and services like land, water, technology, innovation and credit, banking and financial services will strengthen women’s rights, increase agricultural productivity, reduce hunger and promote economic growth. When more women work, economies grow.


An increase in female labour force participation between women’s and men’s labour force participation results in faster economic growth. Increasing women and girl’s education contributes to higher economic growth. First Women Bank Limited extends loans to businesswomen for establishment of new business of existing business, and for working capital.

After FWBL, Allied bank has introduced Khanum Asaan Account in our society which includes women in the role of entrepreneur, doctor, teacher, engineer, housewife etc. having significant goals and challenges for accessing financial services as Allied bank supports women empowerment, its importance and need in our society.

Khanum Asaan Account provides an exclusive and priority access to financial services and empowering women to take better care of their investments. Allied Bank Limited (ABL) Banking Services Officer Shumaila Nasir highlighted the purpose and facilities provided to women through Khanum Asaan Account.

She explained that Khanum Asaan Account provided a complete solution for banking and lifestyle needs to female segment. Shumaila Nasir said that as Allied Bank an organisation, strongly believes in the value of equality in all facets of its business – especially gender equality.

She said that it gave high regard to working women and provides all of its employees with the provision of equal opportunity and leadership trust, adding that the ABL believed leadership was not gender specific. The banking services officer further said that the ABL has been actively involved in to empower women to become future innovators and leaders.

Lahore ABL Khyber block Branch Manager Sajid Rizvi mentioned that the bank has introduced exclusive woman branches, which are empowering female entrepreneurs to take advantage of our tailor-made proposition for their personal and business banking needs. He also said that the exclusive ABL’s women branches cater to ladies’ banking needs in an integrated manner amid regular banking services including guidance services, information about various brands and credit-related counselling.

Sajid Rizvi said that women branches are a part of ABL’s program of empowering the female segment of the society. He further said that the bank was constantly expanding its all female branch network in order to provide women only banking services for the convenience of female customers.

Source : Web desk

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