‘Singapore’ giant vending machine that dispenses luxurious cars

Giant vending machine that allots the lavish cars for prosperous purchaser is newest innovation in space saving.

Local car dealer in Singapore, Gary Hong has exhibited his commodities in glass-fronted, 15 storey building machine. Like selecting a chocolate bar, the purchaser can see everything on showcase before even pressing any button on machine.

Car dealer said that he got the idea of this new showroom from his son’s toy car display. From there I got a glimpse that arrangement of luxurious cars in display could be done.

Buyer can select a car, after that a promotional video of that car played on screen in the mean time car will mechanically bring down by lift. When the car presented in extravaganza display, buyer will feel like they have got some deal or winner of contest.

Singapore is the third highest in world with population destiny rankings by World Bank.

With a population density ranked by the World Bank to be third highest in the world, behind Macau and Monaco, land comes at a premium in the tiny city-state.

Hong said the company could park 70 to 80 cars in this giant machine otherwise it requires five times more space to park that number of cars.

A similar car vending concept currently exists in the United States, through online auto retailer Carvana, which was last reported by US media to have five such facilities around the country as of April

Similar type of concept currently exists in United States by online auto dealer reportedly have 5 of such facilities around the US.


Source: AFP


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