Syrian Kid Omran’s new photos, looking healthy and happy


A young boy rescued from the wreckage of his own home after the air strike took place at Aleppo, all covered in blood and dust from debris and his innocent eyes having fear, Is Omran Daqneesh his picture was taken when he was sitting in an ambulance seat, went viral last year on social media.

This image became the picture of Syria’s struggle for peace and showed how scarring and violent situations Aleppo is facing. Omran and his family lost his house last year to an air strike, cheeks having blood stained body covered with dust Omran was rescued but his elder brother Ali didn’t make it and just at the age of 10 lost his life in the attack.

The family is trying to move past the trauma and trying to live a normal life. Several new pictures shows Omran happily playing and running freely around the house, finally coming to rest on his father’s lap.

While it is a relief to see this young boy getting back to a normal life, this story also points out to the fact that still there are many Syrian children who don’t deserve to go through the war and bloodshed at such a young age. They deserve a way better childhood than being surrounded by violence and airstrikes.

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