Pakistan to witness “Super Blood Blue Moon” today


(AFP): The moon rising will be 14 percent bigger and 30pc brighter today, a rare “super blood blue moon” that will be seen in different countries globally, including Pakistan.

AFP states that the event is causing a buzz as it combines three unusual lunar events an extra big super moon, a blue moon and a total lunar eclipse.

A blue moon refers to the second full moon in a month. Typically, a blue moon happens every two years and eight months.

This full moon is also the third in a series of “super moons,” which happen when the moon is closest to Earth in its orbit.

According to the meteorological department, partial eclipse in Pakistan will start at 3:51pm. However, the total lunar eclipse will start at 5:52pm and last till 7:08pm.

The super blood blue moon will appear at 6:12pm in Karachi, and at 5:32pm in Islamabad.

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During the eclipse, the moon will glide into Earth’s shadow, gradually turning the white disk of light to orange or red.

Alan MacRobert of Sky and Telescope magazine told AFP, “That red light you see is sunlight that has skimmed and bent through Earth’s atmosphere and continued on through space to the moon.”

“In other words, it’s from all the sunrises and sunsets that ring the world at the moment.”

According to Sky and Telescope, the last blue moon total lunar eclipse visible from North America happened on March 31, 1866.

It said, “But on that date the moon was near apogee, its most distant point from Earth.”

Lunar eclipses during a super moon happen rather regularly. The last one was in September 2015.

Lunar eclipses occur at least twice a year.

Super moons can happen four to six times a year.

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