The cases of Zainab, Larry – Our Society and Awareness


When I was a child, I remember being afraid of monster’s such as vampires and so on. I would sleep with a night light and make sure my mum or dad would close the closet before they would tuck me in at night. I remember making a small prayer to ALLAH so he would save me from the monsters which lark in the dark and then I would fall in slumber and dream about unicorns, candy and all the fun I would have in Willy Wonka factory, then I’d wake up the next morning, happy safe and grateful.

You see when you’re a child. All your worries are about those monsters under your bed or how to get the last piece of candy without anyone else eating it first. You don’t know who’s good or bad. You don’t think anyone is capable of hurting you, since your human and their human too.

So why would they want to inflect pain on you. When there is no difference between them and you. Therefore children think everyone is good and they won’t hurt them.

Even though, we humans are the real monsters. Vampires, Bigfoot, the boogieman they don’t exist.  Only humans do. And we live in such an awful world that inflecting pain on others is only what we do. You see our world sometimes just baffles me. People can do such bad things to other’s that it just makes me question humanity and the purpose of our existence.

Today, from many of the examples of evil done in the world. I would like to talk about a sensitive topic called rape.

Rape is an act of sexual assault. An act punishable by law and in my opinon one of the most brutal thing you can do to someone else. You’re not only physically tortured but mentally tortured as well.

Now think and realize the amount of pain inflected upon the victim. Doesn’t this make your heart ache and tremble with pain, just by the thought of it?

Women, men and children of all ages are being raped all around the world. Some get justice while many of them don’t. Those who do, help encourage a victim, to speak up, which help spread awareness and slowly helps change the mentality of people.

A recent case occurred in Pakistan about Zainab Ansari, who lived in kasur and a seven years old girl, who was on her way back from classes, was abducted, raped and murdered. Her body was found dumped in the garbage bin after five days.

Mohammad Imran Ali, He was their neighbor and their family friend. He occasionally used to visit Zainab’s house. The family knew him very well. He was arrested as the culprit in the rape case by the police, but soon he was released as Zainab’s family insisted police that they knew him and he cannot do such act. After few days, upon  Zainab’s uncle and cousin request he was arrested again, which turns out to be the right decision, as it turns out after a DNA test was done, he was proven to be the killer of Zainab and further confesses of doing the same thing in the past.

He was their neighbor, he knew the family. At first glance no one would think he was the evil behind such a preposterous crime. But he was. He was the man who brutally killed a 7 year old girl. According to the investigations, he was the one who raped and killed 11 girls before her.

Reports claim that he was the psychopath that no one suspected who was living on their streets. And now GOD will punish him for his sins.

Even though he will be punished, it will not end there. There are still people out there, just like him or maybe worse who wait until they see a vulnerable child or a woman, man of any age and try to assault them, if they can.

No one really knows how to stop this demonic act from occurring but there are certain steps our society can take in order to stop this from occurring frequently.

Discussing sex education is considered as a sensitive issue in masses and considered as a Tabo in our society. Due to that, no education is given to children on that subject which can make everyone vulnerable, to sexual assaults and abuse.

The literacy rate in Pakistan is very low, first in order to place sex education, every school and every village or town, should be provided education.

Once, education facilities are put in different places in the country, there should be, one class based on sex education and one childhood sexual abuse prevention education which would help young people to be less vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and coercion. It will teach them the right behavior, which is accepted and the wrong behavior which should be reported.

The second thing which could help prevent such awful acts, would be to provide the tools to investigate and prosecute the predators. Sometimes reports are made, but the culprits are not punished according to the constitution, which encourages furthers sexual assaults of all ages.

The third and most important thing is to change our mentality by living in the society. People in our society often accuse the culprit because they think the victim had tempted them in some way. This is not true, whoever is assaulted, harassed in any way, has no fault in it. It’s the fault of the harasser. He is the one doing wrong. He is the person to be blamed, not the victim.

So it does not matter how the person dresses, where they are or how they act. It’s all about the criminal committing the crime. Not what the victim did to deserve it.

Sexual assault is very common in the world. This does not only happen in Pakistan but all around the world. The highest rate of rapes occurs in United States, according to the reports.

There was a recent case in a sports medicine physician – (Larry Nassar) at Michigan State University was sentenced to 40-175 years in prison, in addition to child pornography handed down in December 2017. This filthy man had raped countless number of women. 150 of his survivors spoke over the course of seven days at his sentencing hearing in Ingham County Circuit Court in Michigan about how the abuse affected them. This man was supposed to do medical examinations on children, but instead he would sexually assault them.

He is a disgrace to humans everywhere and we hope he is punished for the pain he inflected on others.

The whole world suffers with evil like these people and we hope that one day we will all stand together and find these sick people, who have affected so many people’s life in a negative way.

Until then all we can do is keep our children safe, try to have good judgment about people and realize that monsters don’t exist in our closets but they exist around us.

Blog by : Hannah (Web Journalist)

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