Apple declares it uses google’s cloud for iCloud

Apple declares it uses google’s cloud for iCloud

San Francisco (Online) : The iOS Security Guide was updated to point out that Apple is now using the Google Cloud podium for iCloud storage. The company has long used Amazon’s S3 alongside Microsoft Azure, but a reference to the last service has been switched with one to Google’s cloud storage service

It was first recommended back in 2016 that Apple would be bringing Google into the mix, Data stored on Google may include contacts, calendars, photos, videos, documents and more, but Apple is keen to stress that Google has no means of accessing that data.

All Google would see is meaningless encrypted data, with no way to tie even that to any particular entity. Apple doesn’t go into particulars about its make use of of third-party servers, so it might not be wrong to have a thought that same user data is stretched across more than one platform.

The iOS Security Guide is a file Apple uses to put in plain words the of what measure it takes to ensure the security of iOS and the privacy of its customers

Previous versions of the iOS Security Guide mentioned Microsoft Azure, but Google Cloud platform is now listed in its place. Apple also continues to rely on Amazon’s S3 web service for additional storage.


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