Conspiracy theories behind new world order

Conspiracy theories behind new world order

Our planet earth is the greatest question known to mankind.  Every day science discovers an unknown mystery about the planet we live on. Sometimes my mind wonders, that if life is a mystery, what about the people who live in it. Aren’t the humans on this planet a mystery as well?

The first humans to set foot on earth were Adam and Eve and since then, the population of this world has increased to an estimation of 7.6 billion humans. As I mentioned above humans are mysteries too. But what could be so mysterious about them to begin with?

First I would like to clarify what I mean by the term ‘mystery’. Mystery in my terminology, classifies secrets and everyone in this world has secrets that are hidden away, not to be seen or disclosed to the world. So if that’s the case, then doesn’t that mean everyone around you is hiding something?

Think about the statement I mentioned above, not only does it make you doubt everyone around you but it makes you question reality or the earth we live on.

For decades we’ve heard ‘conspiracy theories’ about secret societies formed by the elite/ most powerful members of the society, that conspire against our lands and bring the weapons or the means of destruction into our planet, but how are they able to bring forth destruction, when we’ve elected trusted members of the government to lead and protect us from the demolition that their trying to bring onto us, unless the leaders of our government are a part of a secret society or they are governed by a shadow government that plays a part in all the wars and economic crises in the world secretly.

A ‘shadow government’, is a conspiracy theory which states that real power and actual political power does not belong to the public elected representative but they actually belong to private individual, who are practicing these power’s behind closed doors. An example of this theory can be shown by Trump being elected as president. The whole world was baffled by the outcome of  the voters in the election, many protested against this and many believe that it is very likely that another party was involved and they tampered with the votes in order to make trump win. Many believe that the, oh so powerful president is only a mere puppet, who just speaks on behave of someone that holds extreme power but is invisible to the public eye. Many theorists believe that the shadow government is operated by a secret society known as the illuminati.

Since ages secretive societies exist and in recent ones the Illuminati had started in the 1760 that was founded by a man called Adam Weishaupt. It has always been stated that the Illuminati’s top goal has always been to gain a ‘one world government’ and subjugating all religions and government in the process. Many believe that the group was broken by the Germans after the French revolution but many theorists still believe that this group still exists and they have already successfully established a shadow government that operates industries and directs world politics that controls the world finance economies, industries, media and politics. There is a conspiracy theory which states that the illuminati branches out into other secret societies such as freemasons, skull and bones and so on, that help control the world, since one cannot handle all of it on its own.

The freemasons, is one of the oldest secret societies found. No one really knows how it came to existence; many believe that it arose from the stonemasons guide, during the middle ages but that fact is still unclear. The purpose of freemasons is to create free and moral people, to help make independent souls to form and strengthen personalities.  They work with rituals, symbols and myths, to strengthen their spiritual bounds with their society members. In order to be a part of the freemasons, a belief in religion is a must, no matter what religion it is. One conspiracy theory states that freemasons actually follow Satan, while some believe they follow their own particular god. They are believed to be held responsible for the French revolution. Many theorists suggest that the freemasons actually overlap and are controlled by the illuminati to control, certain aspects of the government in the world to establish the new world order.

Unlike freemasons and illuminati, Skull & Bones is much more recent, it was created in 1832, in Yale University. This society is used for its followers to abuse their powers to climb the social ladders of the elite and influence them in different ways. Many believe that this society plays an important part in the conspiracy of world control. Many suggest that they were involved in the assassination of JFK and some suggest that they are a branch of the illuminati themselves.

Having knowledge about such secretive groups and learning about in such debt, raises questions in my mind that relates to the statement I made in the third paragraph that since everyone is hiding something or the other, why are the details of such powerful groups broadcasted over the internet. This thought brings forth my conclusion that the reason behind the leaks of such information may mean, that all these theories and groups are actually made to distract us from the reality behind the veil.

They say time tells all and the truth always comes out, one day or another.

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Haneen Akbari

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