PMLN trying to the institutions, slams Zardari

PMLN trying to the institutions, slams Zardari

Islamabad (Web Desk): Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chief Asif Ali Zardari on Friday claimed that the Pakistan Muslin league Nawaz (PMLN) was using Punjab bureaucracy to escalate the conflict between the country’s institutions.

Speaking to a press conference in the capital, Zaradri said, “Nawaz Sharif is trying to weaken institutions. Weak institutions make the country weak.”

It was only Nawaz who had a problem with the institutions. For the first time, perhaps, the institutions are completely neutral,” he said.

The former president also dispelled the impression that the ruling party was ousted from the Senate’s election race.

“They are trying to whip up the rhetoric against the institutions and trying to provoke the public,” he said.

“Rebellion is being created in Punjab bureaucracy,” Zardari added.

He said that his party has never provoked conflict between institutions, adding that it never benefits the country to have weak institutions.

“It is easier to take votes if the party is in rule in federation and provinces,” he argued, alleging PML-N of pre-poll rigging in Lodhran by-election.

The PPP Co-chairman stressed that he will not allow Nawaz Sharif to succeed in his partnership with Indian PM Narendra Modi to make “greater Punjab”. On Pakistan’s inclusion in the FATF grey list, he list the PPP government had avoided such measures in past through diplomacy.

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