Technology: A look into key hi-tech by 2020

Technology: A look into key hi-tech by 2020

What’s the first thing you do, when you wake up?

Drink water, comb your hair and brush your teeth?

How about checking your smart phone, I’m pretty sure most of you reading this, will agree with me. Now a days, the first thing anyone ever does after waking up, must check there Smartphone. They usually close there alarm, check the amount of emails or text messages they’ve got, as soon as they open there eyes from slumber.

A research study by IDC discovered that about 80 percent of Smartphone users, check there Smartphone’s within 15 minutes of waking up.

Now if I say, we live in a world that survives on technology, will you believe me?

10 million years ago, humans created the first tools, which lead to a series of different discoveries, such as clothes, fire, glass, metal and so on. As time moved forward, people started to discover and become more curious, that brought out the different types of inventions we know and love today.

Today’s inventions might have been, just a dream for developers a long time ago, but that’s the amazing thing about the future. The possibilities are inevitable.  Every day is a new day and a new day brings forth new discoveries. The simple things can lead to new theories and new concepts. The human mind is an ingenious place; where thoughts constantly tackle each other, trying to come through. The ones which come through can sometimes be the reason why the concept of humanity can completely change. We live in a world today, which keeps changing dramatically and the technology of the future, might be closer than it seems.

Driverless car’s

In 2020, it has been noted that Tesla, an American company that specializes in electric automotives, energy and solar panel manufacturing has said to have driverless cars ready by 2020. Yes you read the words right, DRIVERLESS CARS.

Many car accidents occur on a daily basis. It may be their fault or it might be yours’, you have so many things on your mind while driving that it’s truly very hard to concentrate, but because of the lack of the concentration, an accident occurs, but it’s not only because of a lack of concentration, there can be driving errors and the list can go on and on and on. Therefore people have developed driverless cars. A car which can drive, park, switch lanes all on its own. All you need to do is, sit back and relax. It sounds like a dream doesn’t it?

Tesla is not the only company who has invested time and effort to make this dream possible. Ford, BMW, Toyota, Honda and many more famous car companies are working hard every day to make this dream come true.  It has been said that Ford has been working on this ‘dream’ since 2005, which will be released in 2021.

Robots with personalities,

Google has tried to create, which many must have only fantasies about years ago. Google has created Robot Patents that will be able to have its own personality or someone else’s. This mechanism will use a cloud system that will allow anyone to download any personality in a robot, just like any app.

It can have the personality of a deceased loved one, your own or a celebrity or anyone you know. It will be able to hold more as many personalities as you would like. This invention is a step closer into making a proper artificial intelligent robot.

Artificial Intelligence,

Have you ever watched a cartoon on cartoon network called the Jetsons, it is a show about a family living in the future, where space ships, cities in the sky all exist. This family consists of a mother, father, two children and a maid. This maid interacts as a human but is actually a robot. She works and reacts just like a human. The mechanisms that are able to work and react like a human being are called artificial Intelligence.  Apart from the jetsons, there are many other shows or movies such as star wars, star track and so on which bring up the idea of artificial Intelligence as well.

We are in times, that technology has become so developed that, the idea of artificial intelligence will soon become a reality.

The concept behind robots with personality can also fit the characteristics of Artificial Intelligence, I personally believe the only difference between the two, will be that artificial intelligence will be used mostly for labor and Google’s’ patent robots will be used to  fill the empty void of loneliness.

Space Balloons,

What if I tell you that you will be able to see earth from a different way, let’s call it space?

A company known as Zero2infinity has planned on sending passengers to near space, using balloons.  Each ticket will cost 110,000 euro’s a time. They will use capsules under helium balloons which will take you 36 km high, this height is not space. But this height will allow you to see the curves of the earth and the blue thin line of the earth’s atmosphere, giving you a whole spectrum of the earth we live in.

This is a step closer to Nasa’s project of taking people into space.

Floating Farms,

As time moves forward, the population of the world increases day by day and it is estimated that by 2050, two billion more people will be living in this world. More humans mean more food; will be needed to be produced. Since an increase of population will occur, more land will be used to for living, which means that there will be fewer places to grow, all the necessary ingredients to grow food.

The Barcelona based designed companies make use of the fact there is no land and have decided to invent  Smart floating farms which will use, solar powered farms that will float on protons in lakes, seas and oceans, that will make it possible to grow food, when all lands are consumed by us.

Sometimes people believe that the future will be scary, but learning about the future technology makes you disagree. Living in a world filled with robots with emotions, car’s without driver’s, farms on water and a possibility of going to space and meeting artificial intelligence, makes you more excited than eager.

Can’t wait to see what the future has in stored for this world.

Blog by: Haneen Akbari 

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