Study says fear of death affects your savings

ISLAMABAD: A new study has shown that a large number of people avoid saving for their old age because they are afraid to think of their own death.The result of…

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Don’t Flush or toss your Old, Unused Pills

Dozens of scientific studies have found remnants of our medications in rivers, lakes, and streams. And fish don’t need your unused ambien — it could even hurt them. You may have heard…

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Dangers of Open 'Toilet Lids'

Here’s why you should always close the toilet lid when you flush. You really should put the toilet seat down. While it may also put some household arguments to rest,…

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7 Tips to Boost without having Caffeine

We have compiled a list of scientifically-backed ways — in addition to napping — to stay alert without drinking or consuming caffeine at all. Some of them are actually kind…

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Links found between Zika Virus and Microcephaly

PARIS: Scientists have found first evidence of biological link between Zika Virus sweeping Latin America and Microcephaly, a severe deformation of the brain among newborns. Laboratory tests found that the…

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Gathering of smokers as bad as living in polluted city: Study

ISLAMABAD: The researchers found that living with smokers is the same as living in smoke-free homes in heavily polluted cities such as Beijing or London, BBC health reported. Non-smokers who…

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Zika calamity to 'get worse before it gets better': WHO chief      

RIO DE JANEIRO: The Zika virus, believed to be linked to the serious birth defect microcephaly, presents a “formidable” challenge that will be hard to stamp out, World Health Organization…

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Global Fund to give $255 million for health sector advance in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Secretary Economic Affairs Division and a representative of the Global Fund signed the agreement, in which The Global Fund vowed to provide US$ 255 million to Pakistan to improve…

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‘Zika virus is very tricky, very tenacious’ says WHO chief

BRASMLIA: The head of the World Health Organization warned Tuesday that the fight against Zika, a mosquito-transmitted virus linked to serious birth defects, will be long and complex. “The Zika…

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Suitable sleep, exercise can cut stroke risk: study

ISLAMABAD: The researchers from the New York University found that an average sleep of seven to eight hours and vigorous leisurely activity or exercise of 30 to 60 minutes three…

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